10 Reasons You Should Adopt

November is Adoption Awareness Month.

In the Freeman home…

This means that we are spending time praying specifically for individual children we are aware of who are waiting for families.  We are praying that God would bring them their forever family and for specific needs in their lives.

Here on my blog…

I am hoping I can address some common questions related to adoption, dispel some myths and provide education, encouragement and inspiration.

Here in Ontario…

It means that public agencies will be focusing more on permanency and presenting available children’s profiles at numerous adoption events across the province.  Hundreds of waiting adoptive families will attend these events and view profiles of the children waiting for a forever family.  Many families and children will be matched and begin their adoption journey!

Today, I want to give you ten reasons why your family should consider adoption.

  1. YOU CARE.  The fact that you are reading this post says that you care about these children.
  2. THERE ARE 153 MILLION ORPHANS AND VULNERABLE CHILDREN AROUND THE WORLD.  Every willing heart is needed!  We need more than just a few people who are ‘called’ to this mission.  As the church of Jesus Christ we have a huge opportunity to change the landscape of our culture today and to raise up a new generation of warriors.
  3. ADOPTION SAVES LIVES AND CELEBRATES THE VALUE OF LIFE.  There are millions of orphans around the world caught in extreme poverty.  The need is so great!  Children are dying, many of diseases and circumstances that are well within our ability as a blessed people to change!  We have access to medical care, food and fresh water that some children will never see in their current conditions.  Closer to home, there are millions of abortions taking place in our country every year.  Those who choose to give life to their child are brave!  Adoption gives them hope.
  4. ADOPTION GIVES YOU AN OPPORTUNITY TO BREAK A NEGATIVE FAMILY CYCLE AND CHANGE THE WORLD 1 CHILD AT A TIME!  These children are paying the price of choices the adults in their life made.  Through no fault of their own they’ve been thrust into the middle of what is many times a generational cycle of abuse, hurt, neglect, poverty and addiction.  By choosing adoption you choose to break that cycle for a child and give them an opportunity to see what a healthy family looks like.
  5. ADOPTION IS AFFORDABLE.  In Canada you can adopt for free through the foster care system and even apply for grants to cover the expenses of treatment, medical needs, etc.
  6. CHILDREN WITHOUT FAMILIES FACE CHALLENGES THEY WOULDN’T IN A STABLE FAMILY.  Children without stable family lives find it difficult to thrive in school or in life in general.  They often feel very alone and have no one to advocate for the help they need.
  7. THESE CHILDREN ARE OUR FUTURE.  In twenty years these will be the grown ups of our society.  Without a family to nurture and guide them, many will end up without a home, education or support system.  Many will also end up in our penitentiaries and detention centres.  Their difficulties and struggles do not get smaller.
  8. LOVE IS A CHOICE.  You may not fall in love with an adoptive child upon first sight…but love is a choice.  Love is not about fuzzy warm feelings or displays of affection.  Love is the reality that you have committed to being there for someone, for better or for worse, for the rest of their life.  And once you put these choices into action…you will absolutely feel love for your adopted child!
  9. HUNDREDS OF CHILDREN WILL AGE OUT OF THE FOSTER SYSTEM THIS YEAR WITHOUT A FOREVER FAMILY!  The government is working hard to support these kids with services and assistance through age 21, but government support is not a family.   These kids need families to support them through life and to celebrate their accomplishments.  They need a place to spend Christmas and someone to call when life throws them curveballs.  They need role models and financial advisors and the assurance that someone has their back.

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