The Perfect Woman

Loving this blog today…it sums up the theme rolling through my mind this week.

A Holistic Journey

I told my three-year-old the goldfish had died because she kept putting her hand in the water and made it dirty. She turned to the remaining fish: “Oh yeah, I’m really sorry about that fishy. I killed your brother.”

My little fish killer apologized, yet not a morsel of guilt was to be found in her heart. She has her own little brother. The two of them bite, hit, kick, scream, and apologize by force alone.


The word does not even register in their vocabulary. They know once they see through the apology and the hug, the world is set to right once again.

“Catholics have guilt and Jews have guilt, fine. But mothers can trump them all.” ~Diane Lane

I have struggled with guilt all my life, but motherhood has brought this sickening emotion to the highest of heights. How many mistakes I have made, how many times I have failed…

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